Superpuzzle 1 Book 4

We started  chapter 28 the last chapter in this section … The Separation. It starts with Jake returning to college after spending his with Jessie And Angie ( his new friends) learning about Miss Annabelle and her students. Back at college, he saw things  different than before he left, his classmates, the class curriculum and more.
Jake was more concerned about the student reunion he was planning than hanging out with his friends. He met Jasmine and they hit off immediately and talked all night. Jasmine was minoring in journalism and will only work for Her “hero” Al Patterson, so Jake told her about  Miss Annabelle and the12 students. This was an interactive call with great discussion.

Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society Superpuzzle 1 Book4

Tonight we read through chapter 24 where Miss Annabelle and Mr. Melbourne were being let out of prison after 3 years. They were to be released on the same day and meet at a cute little house that Angie and Jessie had gotten for them . When Miss Annabelle had arrived the party that was supposed to happen with her students and John did not . The Students were not allowed to see their teacher and john was Being deported back to Australia. Everything Miss Annabelle had been planning for 3 years was falling apart and this was the dirty work of Miss Miinner miss Annabelle found herself on the floor in Agony . It was not until Miss Annabelle talked to Mr. Melbourne on the phone that she was going to be okay . we asked the question …What has happened to you that made you stronger that seemed tragic at first? We had a lot of great stories and integrations.

Mark Hamilton’s Superpuzzle 1 Book 4


We  started on 191 in chapter 22 Where Miss Annabelle has just started the beginning
of her prison sentence . She was feeling really sad and having a hard time as she was thinking about how much she missed John and her Students .Then she started talking to on of her roommates ho she had gotten so close to, Megan she was always positive but told Miss Annabelle how she got that way . She had made a decision to be happy and told Miss Annabelle  something she would never forget.
Why frown when I can smile?
She completely changed her attitude and even started planning for her future.
We asked a question to the members , How much do share with our relives at the holidays and how much do we keep to ourselves? This was a very interactive call with great responses.

Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society Superpuzzle 1 book 4

Tonight we finished chapter 21 where Miss Annabelle was spending her last days with her students before going to jail for three years. She said said goodbye to each one of her students individually it was very difficult for her
after her last student Rico rode off on his bicycle ,,, she cried herself to sleep. We had some great conversations about loving children as individuals and
playing  favorites . This was a very interactive call with great conversation.

Mark Hamilton’s Superpuzzle 1 Book 4

Tonight we continued in Chapter 21 where the trial against Miss Annabelle and Mr Melbourne is well under way . Miss Annabelle is noticing that the judge is favoring the  prosecution over the defense , she was  confused by this, thinking the Judge should be impartial .  They were painting Hammershmidt as a good man who would give his last paycheck away , also the prosecution’s witnesses were treated as “esteemed ” and the defense witnesses as lowly . Selinski was learning about Ego Justice … We had a very lively discussion  about  Ego justice and where we see it in our lives today .

Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Super-Puzzle 1 book 4

Tonight we finished chapter 20 and the end of section one “The Miracle Year”  …
Miss Annabelle was marveling at her students and how they had gone to the next level of integrated thinking , they were thinking in concepts and building never-before-puzzle-pictures. Mr. Melbourne spoke to the class this day, he acknowledged each one of the students for their amazing breakthroughs . He talked about the bicameral mentality and told the children  they were advancing into the God-man Mentality. The kids felt proud being talked to that way. Miss Annabelle followed up with talking about how they will teach their children to be geniuses in 5 minutes a day, as a daily bedtime stories. This call was interactive and we enjoyed all the comments from the members.

Mark Hamilton’s Super Puzzle 1 Book 4

We started chapter 20 this is Miss Annabelle’s last day with the students . As the kids arrived to the class they expressed their feeling about the fact that their parents were unable to see past the illusions

to what is and keep Miss Annabelle out of Jail . She then encouraged them  to talk about their essences and edified them each for what integrations they have come up with and how much they accomplished this year.

This was an interactive call … we had an awesome discussion